Theesfelds Nubian Dairy Goats

"In Pursuit of Udder Perfection"

                                             "In Pursuit of Udder Perfection"

  Theesfeld's is dedicated to breeding and raising quality purebred Nubian dairy goats. We are located in Tomball, Tx.


Our daughter Lilly with our home bred doe Lollipop. 

We have a small show\dairy herd in the suburbs of Tomball, TX. We originally only wanted two does for milking purposes  and the plan had been to use the extra milk for soap (which I was already making at the time). 

What started as two, turned into three and four until we had ten does and finally a buck. We made a family decision to show all these goats and have spent the last couple years working toward the goal of having a competitive show herd.We try to attend as many ADGA  sanctioned shows as possible during the year. 

Our herd health is of the utmost importance. We copper bolus twice a year. We ELISA CAE test each doe through New members of the herd are also CAE tested upon arrival. If you would like to see a current test please ask, we are more then happy to share. We have never had CL on our property. We are currently a G6S Normal herd. Animals have either been tested here on the farm or their parents have been tested and paperwork has been verified. 

  All births are attended and all kids are raised separately from the adult herd. Kids receive selenium and Vitamin E at birth, and are fed raw milk, from tested, healthy does. Due to living in the South, special attention is given to deworming and coccidia prevention in the kid group, and regular fecal sampling is done in the adult herd in order to keep parasites at a manageable level.


 To place an order for animals for next year please email or call. We are accepting deposits for the 2016-2017 season.


A deposit of $100 will hold the goat of your choice. The deposit is not refundable if you simply change your mind. It is more then happily refunded if we can not fill your order. We reserve the right to retain any kid that we need as a replacement.